Georgia State Golf Association Bucket List Experience

If you have entered the GSGA Bucket List Experience prize draw and are looking for more information about trips to Scotland – you have reached the right web site.

We have been working with GSGA and many other Golf Associations in the US for many years, arranging their group trips and individual bespoke trips for their members, and this year we are partnering them in a prize draw they are running for their members.

If you are the lucky winner of the trip then prepare to be blown away. We have a great trip lined up for you. Simply make contact , and we will talk about your preferred dates and if you wish to alrer or extend the trip.

If you’re just one of the unlucky ones, don’t despair, we can assist you as well. We have been arranging amazing golf tours for groups of 4 – 40 players for 25 years so we have welcomed thousands of golfers to play here, and in Ireland England and Wales too.

Complete the enquiry form now, we will arrange a zoom call and talk about your dream trip and we will make it happen.

See you in Scotland soon.

Shipping and Luggage issues

This year there is a significant rise in the number of items of luggage and golf bags not making connecting flights – particularly involving flights via London Heathrow and Amsterdam. We are recommending clients consider shipping their golf bags in advance of their arrival to their first hotel destination.

Companies like Ship sticks and Luggage Forward are ideally placed to ship your bags in time for your arrival.

There are also many suitcases and other luggage items not making the same flight as you are on, so put an emergency supply of day to day clothing in your hand luggage and if you’re travelling with your spouce, divide your clothing between different items of luggage.

Solheim Cup 2021

Congratulations to Catriona Matthew and the European Solheim Cup Team for winning by the narrowest of margins, 15-13, another epic competition. Both teams delivered high quality golf and this truly has become a great spectator event. The Europeans are a feisty bunch and they were forced to play their best golf to overcome a strong US challenge.

This format, which is exactly the same format as the Ryder Cup , does present different challenges by involving foursome, fourball and singles play, and offers these talented golfers different challenges to the regular week after week of strokeplay events, that runs for most of the rest of the season. Maybe that’s the big attraction , these different formats… whatever, it works! Fantastic golf by both teams… again.

Two years ago the event was held at the amazing Gleneagles Resort in Scotland and we, at Scotland Tours, had the pleasure of looking after over 100 fans of both teams. We witnessed first hand the fantastic competition, which went to the last putt on the last green- it doesn’t get any closer than that! The next Solheim Cup will be in September 2023 at the Finca Cortesin Club in southern Spain.

Thank you ladies, for a very entertaining weekend.

The next Ryder Cup event is just 2 weeks away, 24-26 September 2021 at the Whistling Straights Resort in Kohler, Wisconsin. This promises to be another epic duel, featuring many of the world’s top golfers, and the world will be watching. This gets the 3rd highest worldwide tv audience (after the Olympics and The World Cup) so every shot will be watched carefully. Good luck gents, play your best golf, and showcase golf for the great sport it is.

The Open – St Andrews 14-17 July 2022

The ticket ballot for The 150th Open is now open, giving golf fans around the world, the opportunity to secure a ticket for the historic Championship.
The 150th Open, taking place from 10-17 July 2022 in St Andrews, is set to be a true celebration of golf and the long history of golf’s original championship, as well as the many great champions who have lifted the iconic Claret Jug.
With record-breaking levels of demand anticipated for the milestone championship at the home of golf the ballot was introduced by The R&A for the first time this year to provide the fairest way for golf fans to obtain tickets.
The ticket ballot will run from now until Monday, 4 October and will give you plenty of time to register your interest in tickets.
A balance of allocations will ensure fans from near and far will be able to attend the celebrations in St Andrews next summer. You will find out the results of the ticket ballot by the end of November 2021. The ticket ballot is available exclusively to members of The One Club, the free-to-join membership programme. Members who have already registered their interest for the ballot can now apply for tickets.
You can still sign up at any time via and apply for tickets.  
We are now accepting bookings for tours that include the number of days you wish to attend The Open. We will plan your golf, accommodation and transport packages and leave a day or two free to attend the event. Book your package NOW.

COVID 19 Update

As Scotland, and indeed most of the rest of the world, gets to grip with the recovery process from COVID, it’s an appropriate time to highlight the positives for the benefit of travellers planning to visit Scotland in 2021, 2022 and beyond.

Our vaccination programme is going very well and almost everyone over the age of 40 has had one, or in a lot of cases both, shots of the vaccination. Accordingly our level of infections has dropped to negligible numbers and the numbers of deaths recently has been nil in Scotland, or single digits in the rest of the UK.

We are hoping to welcome back our international guests probably from July 2021, depending on where they are coming from . The politicians are still keen to limit travel to/from countries only, which have lower infection rates than ours, and as at today, that is just 12 countries, but they will be reviewing this “green” list every 3 weeks .

However that does give us hope that by the 2022 season, this nightmare will be behind us so we are ramping up our efforts again now to encourage travellers in 2022 and 2023 and beyond.

Our Irish business is a little less certain as their recovery process is about 2 months behind Scotland / UK so it might be August or September before they reopen sufficiently to allow trips in Ireland to go ahead. Watch this space as will will give updates when we hear from the Irish Government .

We have many clients already booked to travel in 2022 due to previous trips being pushed back, so now is the time to drive forward and get the new bookings in for those who have been waiting to see when international travel restrictions are likely to be lifted.

We are nearly back to working at fully capacity so all enquiries will be speedily dealt with and we can get your next tour booked now.


In July 2022 The Open is back at St Andrews and we still have good availability for accommodation in nearby Dundee and beyond. Talk to us now about planning your trip to include to the historic 150th Open Championship. Tickets will be going on sale in June 2021 so you should be planning your trip now.

In 2024 The Open is back at Royal Troon and we are already taking bookings for that event too.

So, lets get back to looking ahead and get new trips in the diary and have something great to look forward to.

Many thanks to all our regular readers and travellers for your support during the past 14 months in particular and we look forward to welcoming you to Scotland soon.


11 May 2021

2021, 2022 and beyond

Happy New Year to all our existing clients and those finding us for the first time.

Scotland , like the rest of the world is still getting to grips with CV19 but the end is in sight. The vaccine programme has been rolling for a few weeks now and 1m+ have now been vaccinated. Its going to take 4 or 5 months to get enough of the population vaccinated before this virus dies out quietly, but we are maklng good progress with this.

For our international guests planning to be here in the summer of 2021, or even in 2022, the message is likely to be – bring a negative test with you. We think this travel rule is going to be in place for most of 2021 but we are expecting you to be able to enjoy freedom when you get here from possibly April onwards. These are only predictions at this stage, so things might change. But the good news is we can start planning ahead again and golfers can start looking forward to coming here and playing our great courses again.

The protection the vaccine offers seems to take a couple of weeks to kick in fully so get your jab at least a few weeks before you plan to travel, and book a test 48 hours before your flight.

If you test positive just before you travel and cant travel, then your holiday may be forfeited. Just like any other illness that prevents travel, you will need to claim on your travel insurance policy to recover your tour costs. No refunds will be forthcoming from us, our hotels or golf courses etc if you cancel at short notice. SO PLEASE ARRANGE YOUR TRAVEL INSURANCE POLICY IN GOOD TIME.

Thanks for your continued support, we have an amazing year ahead of us with hundreds of clients arriving and we look forward to delivering some amazing tours that are all ready planned for you. We are also busy planning trips for 2022 and 2023. Remember, The Open is back in St Andrews in July 2022 so please view our Open St Andrews pages on this web site for more information. We have just secured additional rooms at some Dundee hotels so we have plenty capacity, but as always, if you want to attend a major event – book your trip early!

Stay safe, get vaccinated when you can and prepare for your next Scotland Golf Tours adventure. It will be worth the wait.

Best wishes for 2021.

2021 and Beyond

To our hundreds of loyal and frustrated golfers whose trips in 2020 have been cancelled and rescheduled to 2021 or 2022 THANK YOU you for sticking with us .

We have kept 97% of the 2020 business on the books and have also added signifiicant levels of new sales to 2021, so next year is going to be a great one – providing the vaccine is available!!

We are way ahead with our 2022 sales and even have a few in for 2023 . To you all, thank you for your cooperation in these past 6 months. . The good times will be back, and we’ll be ready to make them happen again.

We are noticing that a higher percentage than usual of the new business coming in is from repeat clients. Thank you . You know the efforts we make to deliver what we say we deliver, and your loyalty is sincerely appreciated.

I’ll be updating this site over the next few months with new packages etc and we also have a new site on the drawing boards at the moment so that will be here by Christmas.

Stay safe everyone and plan ahead. We all need something to look forward to!!



In the post Covid 19 era, many golfers who enjoy international travel will also be looking for quieter locations that still offer great golf but without the big crowds. We have developed a series of tours that give you exactly that. Some great golf with excellent 4 star accommodations, but in some of the quieter areas of Scotland.

Please visit these web pages and explore Scotland with us.

Travelling in the post-COVID19 era might be making some people nervous, but we are recognising these concerns and can offer a number of alternatives that will still provide a wonderful vacation .

“Off The Beaten Track” – a series of 4 star tours THROUGHOUT SCOTLAND

With so many people concerned about being in larger crowds or in close proximity to other travellers these days, we have designed a series of tours that takes the golfers to some of the quieter locations where space and accessibility is good, whilst still playing some fantastic championship and local hidden gem courses.

We are promoting 2 tours per week in our newsletter so if you have subscribed to that please check your inbox. If you haven’t joined our mailing list yet, please do so and send us an email asking for more details and we can email you the recent newsletters with this series in them.

Scotland is gradually opening up for business again although there are some quarantine restrictions that exist for some countries. The situation is changing week by week and we hope that everything will be released soon.

We are busy taking bookings for 2021 and 2022 now, and with all the tours that have been rescheduled from 2020 to 2021 availability at many of the top courses is limited, so please book early.

Covid 19 Update

Greetings from an empty Scotland!

By mid May this country is usually full of travellers from overseas with their golf clubs playing, eating, drinking and generally having a great time. This year everywhere is shut and its like the Mary Celeste everywhere you look!

Now that the end of lockdown seems to be in sight, let’s hope we can look forward to near normal times later this year, or more likely next year.

Our staff are gradually returning to the office and we are trying to get back to normal using the new social distancing rules so they are not too close together.

Feel free to email us, or submit an enquiry form and we can make a start on your 2021 trip.

With the very limited number of flights this year coming to Scotland, we are unlikely to see many clients in 2020, but we are busy planning tours for 2021 so please start talking to your friends and make plans for summer 2021 or even 2022, and lets get some life back in the world’s tourism sectors .

For those of you interested in our Ireland programmes, the Irish are in a similar position to Scotland, and we are constantly listening to the Irish Government, explaining how they are emerging from lockdown.

One of positives we have learned during this crisis is how to make use of the facetime/zoom/whatsapp video calls we can now all make, to keep in contact with each other. We intend introducing this feature to our quoting service so you can talk and see us when we are planning your next trip. All of your group could login and talk through their preferences, any issues they have and generally be more comfortable with what we are doing to make your trip that bit more special. As all existing clients will recall, we enjoy a close dialogue with the group leaders- usually by email, so extending this to the rest of the group in a live face-to-face meeting demonstrates the levels of engagement we have with our clients, and that should lead to even higher levels of satisfaction in the longer term.

Lets hope the scientists can develop a vaccine quick enough to allow us all to live our lives in a safe and controlled manner, so we can all enjoy our freedom that our forefathers all fought hard to protect.

Stay safe everyone.


Dunfermline, Scotland

6 May 2020