Covid 19 Update

Greetings from an empty Scotland!

By mid May this country is usually full of travellers from overseas with their golf clubs playing, eating, drinking and generally having a great time. This year everywhere is shut and its like the Mary Celeste everywhere you look!

Now that the end of lockdown seems to be in sight, let’s hope we can look forward to near normal times later this year, or more likely next year.

Our staff are gradually returning to the office and we are trying to get back to normal using the new social distancing rules so they are not too close together.

Feel free to email us, or submit an enquiry form and we can make a start on your 2021 trip.

With the very limited number of flights this year coming to Scotland, we are unlikely to see many clients in 2020, but we are busy planning tours for 2021 so please start talking to your friends and make plans for summer 2021 or even 2022, and lets get some life back in the world’s tourism sectors .

For those of you interested in our Ireland programmes, the Irish are in a similar position to Scotland, and we are constantly listening to the Irish Government, explaining how they are emerging from lockdown.

One of positives we have learned during this crisis is how to make use of the facetime/zoom/whatsapp video calls we can now all make, to keep in contact with each other. We intend introducing this feature to our quoting service so you can talk and see us when we are planning your next trip. All of your group could login and talk through their preferences, any issues they have and generally be more comfortable with what we are doing to make your trip that bit more special. As all existing clients will recall, we enjoy a close dialogue with the group leaders- usually by email, so extending this to the rest of the group in a live face-to-face meeting demonstrates the levels of engagement we have with our clients, and that should lead to even higher levels of satisfaction in the longer term.

Lets hope the scientists can develop a vaccine quick enough to allow us all to live our lives in a safe and controlled manner, so we can all enjoy our freedom that our forefathers all fought hard to protect.

Stay safe everyone.


Dunfermline, Scotland

6 May 2020

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