In the 5 days since my last update things have changed significantly.

The UK is virtually closed and our staff are dealing with their emails from home. The lockdown down is likely to last until mid April .

We are in contact with our May and June arrivals to offer them the opportunity to rebook for 2021 or 2022. We have decided not to contact July arrivals onwards yet as the situation could be a lot clearer and perhaps back to normal by then and those travellers may get to enjoy their vacation on schedule. However if they wish, they can postpone till 2021 or 2022 if they want to make that decision early.

New enquiries are still coming in – thank you – for 2021 and beyond and we will do our best to get a quote to you shortly thereafter.

Existing clients- if you need to contact us please email the tour specialist you have been dealing with. All our files are stored in the icloud so that allows the staff access to your files from home should this be required.

New clients – If you are planning a trip later in 2020 or beyond, we like to talk through your plans before issuing your quote to ensure it as close to what you are looking for as it can be at this early stage. Please email me at in the first instance OR complete the online enquiry form contained in this site and we can make a start on your Suggested Itinerary.

These are extrordinary times but we will all get through them soon.

Be safe.

Ronnie Pook

Managing Director

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