The Old Course 2018 and 2019

As I reported some time ago, we have been appointed an Authorised Provider of Old Course tee times. This means we get access to booking our tee times before they are released to the public. We can therefore request times and be fairly sure of getting the exact date, providing that date is not reserved for a course closure or tournament etc.

The position for the 2018 tee-times is that most have now been sold. We do have a few left in April and June but this is changing by the hour. If you want to check our availability please pick up the phone or drop us an email and we can give you the exact position regarding availability.

2019 season may seem a long way away, but we are now getting enquiries regularly for tours and events that year. We will be applying for our Old Course times in early February  2018 so if you are thinking about getting your group together for a trip then, please start talking to the group now and contact us for a quote. That way we can get you logged in and can request the right times for your tour.

The message is plan early to get the best times!Owens 2


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