The blog is back !

After a malfunction in the spring, that meant we could not add stories, we have eventually got that sorted and we can update you with the news. I apologise for the length of time is has been out of action. We will be adding regular posts again and you are invited to revisit our site regularly and keep up to date with developments.

Since it went down in the spring, there have been many changes and updates to inform you of, and some of these will be given their own subject heading so please read on and see what’s new.

One issue I do want to raise first is to introduce you to the new team members here in Dunfermline.  As a result of 2 resignations and 1 retiral, we have appointed 3 new staff members who have fitted in and have the right knowledge to keep our clients happy and well prepared for their trips.

Megan Brown has been in several temporary golf -related positions since she graduated from university and as a 6 handicap golfer, she knows her way around a golf course. Furthermore, within a few weeks of joining us she became the Ladies Club Champion at Dunfermline Golf Club and as you can see in the staff picture below she is proudly holding the handsome trophy her name is engraved on.

Robert Paterson also has an enviable golfing background having been born and bred in St Andrews.  He caddied on The Old Course during his summer recesses from university and since graduating, as he possesses a yacht master ticket,  he has spent time around Portugal on private yachts. However, his passion for golf overcame his passion for sailing and he is back doing what he likes best.

Sue Millar joined us from the ski industry as one of our administrators and joins Carole keeping all our tour administration ship shape.

Lindsay Steward has been with us for over 3 years now, and is still looking after our touring vacations and corporate events.

I am still trying to avoid a hard day’s work, unsuccessfully for the most part 🙂 Meeting clients on arrival at the airport, and other locations take up much of my summer but I often get an opportunity to play some golf with clients or travel with them when the group size needs a tour manager.

That’s the staff issues up to date. Read on to get more business issues…  Hope to see you again soon.

Ronniestaff June 2017


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