Christmas Greetings to all our clients and friends

As 2016 draws to a close, it’s the time of year to say thanks to everyone who traveled with us this year. We brought in record numbers of clients and apart from a few minor bumps and a dozen damaged tyres, all our self drive tours went without incident.

Our driver guided tours all went well with only one exception which was partly weather related and the rest was down to a hotel error. The fact that both happened to the same group was down to Murphy’s Law!

Due to the effect of the Brexit vote in June most major currencies have been trading much stronger with Sterling. The effect is tours generally cost 20 – 30% less than they were 12 months ago, so that has brought about a rush in business with us and other tour operators in our Association. We can tell from the bookings we are trying to make that Scotland is already going to very busy next summer.

The message now is book soon to make sure you get tee times at the course you want to play and rooms in the hotels you wish to stay in . The financial forecast is that sterling will get stronger so your price may be sliding up a little over the next 6 months, so book early!

Sorry about the big  6 month gap in recent postings. The page developed a fault and we had a lot of bother getting it sorted. New posts will follow regularly next year I hope!

Our offices are closed for the holidays from Friday 23 December and reopen on Tuesday 3 January 2017.

We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and and are looking forward to seeing many of of you again next year.

Ronnie, Carole, Kerry-Ann, Pete, Lindsay & Kim

and all our drivers, guides, and support staff.

Dunfermline, December 2016


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